Shipping & Returns

The Best Halloween Store in the U.S. serving both U.S. and Canadian customers

Where do we ship

We ship to all U.S. states and territories and Canada.

Shipping Times

Please see the shipping times below, these delivery times are not guaranteed as we have no control over the delivery speed once we have shipped your order, the delivery times are quoted by USPS and just guidelines

U.S. & Canada

Standard Delivery USPS... (4 to 7 working days)

Express Tracked USPS... (2 to 5 working days) 

All orders will ship within 24 hours of the order being placed, however customers are told to allow up to 21 working days under USPS guidelines, by placing an order you understand that some delays are inevitable and can happen no matter on the speed of service you choose. Kindly note these delays would not been down to us as we ship your order within 24 hours no matter what.

Some customers prefer the tracked method as you will receive a tracking number so you can track the progress of your parcel on its journey to you.

Where is my order?

You order is on it's way to you if you placed it and received an e-mail from us to confirm your order was placed, if you did not receive your e-mail please check your spam folder as sometimes your spam filter can place it in there.

I have been waiting 7 days and still not arrived

This can happen as the delivery times are just guidelines and also they are quoted as working days and not weekends, some customers have their orders in 2 days some have them a few days later whilst others have to wait much longer, this is because USPS are delivering your parcel and not us, once USPS have hold of your parcel there is not much more we can do to speed things up as it is in their hands.

Customers are told to wait 21 working days, this is the guidelines set by USPS as no parcel is considered missing until this time has passed, there is not much more we can do until then.

My order is lost in post

This used to be something that could happen in the past and is now very rare, USPS are now using QR codes on their mail, and we use QR codes with USPS, this allows USPS to track the parcel internally, it is scanned at every depot, it is scanned to every mail man and so on, it is not used for the public to track parcels, but it is used by USPS to track a missing parcels and question the mail man or build up a report of people who claim their mail has gone missing when it has not, these new QR codes prevent fraudulent claims and stop either the mail man stealing parcels or the customer stealing them. So with this information you know your order will not be lost and you are in good hands.

If your order has not arrived after 21 working days contact us and we will get USPS to track the QR code to its last destination and launch an investigation with them. The out come of the investigation will help us help you should you be an honest customer and it will work against those who are not.

I gave the wrong delivery address

Unfortunately we can only delivery to the address you gave at the time of ordering, if the address you gave returns the parcel a refund will be given, if not we cannot offer nothing else, it is the responsibility of the customer to enter the correct details, if we however sent to an address other than the one you gave then it would be our responsibility. If you did give a wrong address try writing to it and explain what happened they should forward it on to you as it is not their property and if they kept it they would be committing an offence.

Tracking Number

All mail is tracked using QR codes however QR codes are used internally only by the mailing service to prevent lost parcels, QR codes are scanned and tracked non stop through their journey right down to the mail person who will deliver your parcel, they point of QR codes is to stop fraudulent claims and mail theft, this is a new thing and we are proud to say all our mail uses QR codes. (you cannot request QR tracking as only USPS use the information to stop fraud and theft) should a claim arise.

However if you did order Express Tracked shipping you can have your tracking number, it should be e-mailed to you so if you have not received please check your spam box, if it is still not there contact us and we will re-send.

QR Tracking = on both Standard & Express shipping (not for the customer to track)

Express Tracking = Tracked all the way to your door (customer can use this) not available on standard shipping.



Can i return my order? yes you can please see the guide below

what can be returned = unopened products with tamper-proof lids and seals still intact

what cannot be returned = opened contact lenses

If you wish to return your unopened products please send them to

Halloweenbase, FCL BV LTD, PO BOX 1356, Blackpool, FY1 9LY UK (outside U.S. & Canada)

you do not need to contact us just enclose a small not with your order number and request a refund or exchange, please note we do not pay for the returns or refund the postage.

If you send opened products back they will not be refunded, we never refund opened contact lenses as once opened the customer accepts they are what they ordered and that they are free from defects.

Common Contact Lens problems

My contact lenses itch or hurt my eyes

This can be for many reasons, you could have dirty hands, you could have made the contact lens dirty, there could be pollutants in the air such as fragrances, air fresheners or other chemicals and particles, or you have attempted to fit them in an incorrect way so now your eye needs to rest or you have broken the contact lens so it is now chipped through incorrect fitting even though you would not have noticed otherwise you would not be trying to fit it.

Contact lenses arrive in storage solution they always need to be soaked in a fresh soft contact lens solution before you wear them, soft contact lens solution is cheap and can be purchased at most malls and pharmacies, You need to soak your contact lenses for 24 hours before attempting to fit, if you have no joy soak again for another 24 hours and let your eye rest, if you try to force or ignore this your eyes will feel sore or dry and misshaped and you will never get the contact lens to fit like that. patience is the key.

Just because you have worn contact lenses before do not expect to always get them to fit straight away just because another person can does not mean you can, and just because you have done so in the past does not mean it will now, you could have dry eyes, be dehydrated or have many other symptoms that are stopping them, always wait 24 hours between fits and stay patient as frustration will only make it worse and you could injure yourself or damage your lenses. it is not unusual for a wearer to have to wait a few days sometimes a week, and then you get wearers who can pop them in and out all day long. your eyes change all the time remember this just stay patient.

My contact lens is broken or defective

Your contact lenses would have arrived to you not broken or defective, they pass through a very strict screening process multiple times and it is 99.9% impossible for your lenses to arrive damaged, for this reason all lenses are sent out with tamper-proof lids and seals, it is for the customer to inspect the lenses then through the clear vials or bottles to ensure they are free from damage and that they are happy with the contact lenses, this rule is in place to stop fraudulent claims or claims where a customer unknowingly damages them.

broken or defective contact lenses can only happen through in-correct handling, contact lenses are soft and prone to damage if handling in the wrong manner, even the worlds most professional contact lens fitters have damaged lenses, so this is why we do not accept returns on products that are unopened, if your product is still sealed and damaged we will gladly refund or exchange, but unopened product are the customers responsibility as they accept they are free from damage once opening. if in doubt never open them.

My contact lenses arrived smashed

If this is the case we will issue a refund, however there is a process to complete first as we need to ascertain that the customer did not break these in an attempt to defraud the company, any attempts to defraud the company will be reported to the local authorities in your area.

All contact lenses have special designed seals and tamper proof lids, they have been tested against destruction methods and the seals do not break due to patent crumple zones, so for this reason we ask to see photographic evidence as we have had customers open their lenses wear them then try to make out they arrived broken but the lids were all opened or placed together to look not opened, even hitting the lids with a sledge hammer they do not falter to how manually opening looks and not many mail men are walking round with sledge hammers.

For this reason we need photographic evidence should your lenses arrive smashed so we can see if your claim is genuine, we kindly ask do not submit a fraudulent claim.

For photographic evidence we need to see the both pairs or all the pairs in question in one photograph, it must show a birds eye view, then we need a second photo to show the top of the lids, if your claim is valid a refund or exchange will be issued.

Can i return my contact lenses

If they are unopened yes you can

I changed my mind after opening them can i have a refund

no we never issue refunds on opened contact lenses, they are not sent out on a trial and test basis, once the customer opens them they are of use to the customer only and nobody else due to hygiene and infection reasons.

Head Office: FCL BV 123, 1 Grange Farm Lane, Grimsby, DN36 4GN, United Kingdom, Tel: 07535442254