Demonic White Blind Halloween Contact Lenses

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For a great Halloween offer, Demonic White Blind Halloween contact lenses are purposely made Special Fx contact lenses to change your eyes style cosmetically without affecting your own eyes, they are great for all your eye special effects needs which is vital for having the most scariest results at Halloween, They work an all eye colors and all eye types to stand out well and give realistic results,

The Demonic White Blind design gives you a solid white eye color, they are best ever for zombie effects,

All the Halloween contact lenses stocked are suitable for all eyes, this pair blocks your vision so you feel blind, the purpose of this is to create the very best special effects even at close up shots, some prefer them for close up movie shots other prefer them to experience no vision as you cant fake this and still having scary looking eyes without them, easy to handle and easy to use and can last for many months with the correct care and handling.

All our products are quality controlled checked and adhere to FDA guidelines, they are priced in pairs, the price you see is for 2 x Halloween Fx eyes, instructions for applying our products can be found online,

We offer 100% guaranteed refunds or exchanges on unopened products only, everyone can enjoy using these Halloween products for their special effects,

These items are now in-stock and ship out to all U.S. states and Canada within 24 hours of ordering fast.